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Welcome to the website for Thousand Oaks psychologist, Dr. Laura Thomas. I hope you will find some helpful information about psychotherapy and my services to individuals, couples, and families in Thousand Oaks and the Conejo Valley in the following pages. I have experience working with children, teens, adults, and seniors around issues of: depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, grief and loss, life transitions (such as divorce or job loss), chronic illness and disease.

When to turn to a psychologist

Life can present us with many challenges and difficulties that we are not prepared to deal with. Although family and friends may be supportive and desire to be helpful, they may be limited in their ability to be objective. Sometimes it is helpful to have the assistance of a trained professional, such as a therapist, to guide you through your life’s journey with it’s challenges, obstacles, and hurdles. A counselor can assist you in learning about yourself and help you acquire alternative coping techniques to the problems you are facing. Additionally, a psychologist can facilitate your making key changes in your life that result in greater peace and happiness.

Thousand Oaks Therapy

As people journey through their lives, each will meet with obstacles and challenges that they must overcome in a healthy manner in order to continue growing and moving forward. Our bodies and minds are equipped with a wonderful capability to adapt, process and problem solve. Despite these rich inner resources, there are times in each person’s life when they feel stuck or unable to resolve a problem or reconcile a major change. Perhaps they do not yet have the necessary skills to cope with a new situation or the emotions surrounding an incident are too overwhelming to deal with on their own. At these times, the services of a Thousand Oaks therapist may help the individual learn new skills, process a difficult loss or make self-care decisions that will lead to greater confidence and peace.

A psychologist journeys alongside a person as they travel through a difficult season of their life. Some worry that visiting a psychologist in Thousand Oaks would mean that they are sick or that something is wrong with them. In reality, mental health professionals most often deal with functioning people who simply need help refining coping mechanisms or whose life is out of balance in some area. A therapist does not attempt to fix an individual but rather works with her in a collaborative relationship to help her discover her own inner resources. In this way, working through a problem or issue with a counselor can empower a person to have more confidence in her coping abilities.

There are a variety of reasons why an individual might seek out the psychologists Thousand Oaks has to offer. Many seek mental health support when they are experiencing a major life change or transition such as a marriage, divorce, move or career change. A psychologist can help such individuals process the changes that are occurring and support them in creating a strategy or acquiring skills that will help them be successful in this new life stage. Others may seek a psychologist as a result of a struggle with imbalances in their emotions or thought patterns such as debilitating depression and anxiety. These can be difficult and overwhelming challenges to face alone, and a mental health counselor can guide people towards healthier thought patterns and behaviors.

While many people think about visiting a psychologist at some point in their life, many do not because they are unsure of what to expect. Media stereotypes surrounding psychology have obscured the process that lies at the heart of the counseling process: a confidential, trusting relationship between the psychologist and the person seeking help. Meeting with a psychologist can be a rewarding first step toward creating a more harmonious and fulfilling life. After the initial anxiety of the first meeting, talking with a psychologist can be similar to a comfortable, challenging conversation with a friend. Having the courage to make a phone call or step inside an office can be difficult but shows a commitment to a healthy and positive way of living.